Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith ★★★★

if you dont cry during this movie do you even have a soul??
seriously guys please watch the clone wars, i noticed that a lot of stuff in this film hit harder because of my knowledge of TCW, it really broadens your perspective of the events that transpire during this and you really rob yourself of a lot of you dont watch it. from the outsiders perspective that has only seen the three films, you get almost zero content from the clone wars themselves, and i understand that its hard to fit such a large scale event into the last two films of this trilogy which is WHY the clone wars works so well, please please please please watch it

anyway enough clone wars talk, the film is absolutely gorgeous to look at my god everything is just crafted so beautifully. the dialogue is absolutely fucking atrocious though and if you say that it isnt sometimes off-putting, then you’re straight up lying because i found myself distracted a few times because the lines were so horribly written. other than that everything else is amazing, the cgi is such a step up from the previous two and honestly im still in awe of how much of it actually holds up today

a beautiful character study

Anakin Skywalker’s psyche was cleaved in two as the dark side consumed him.
Within the shell of the man he once had been, his new persona — Darth Vader — firmly took hold. 

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