Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★

i’m glad i don’t have to write the sappy review about the end of my marvel marathon with black widow out in theaters now!!! review coming soon.

instead, here’s a bullet-form version of my thoughts:

• jake gyllenhaal joining the marvel cinematic universe as a thrown-in bone for all artsy nerds out there is absolutely the smartest move marvel has made since endgame
• the first no stan lee cameo i believe and wow i won’t lie— i actually felt his absence
• is it just me or was nick fury completely out of character this film. he did not give a shit about peter :/
• i think the consequences of the blip were glossed over other than just “hey brads hot now” like that’s ALL you have to show for a monumental event affecting the whole universe?
• do… do american kids actually just casually go on science trips to italy and paris??? like for real
• first j. jonah jameson sighting in the entire official mcu so far and when i say the spiderman ps4 nerd in me jumped and cheered-
• the end credit scene where peter is swinging to mj is also very reminiscent to the spiderman ps4 style!!!!!! i’m a NERD
• i like the chemistry between peter and mj much more than the liv girl from homecoming, it’s honestly kind of a cute nerd romance thing
• ned is treasure
• okay i took a break to let the second end credits scene roll and oh my god i take back my nick fury bullet point. it was INTENTIONAL WRITING???? marvel you astound me

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