A Haunting of Past Ink

A Haunting of Past Ink ★★★★★

avalyn and myself are forming a united front of what we are tentatively calling New Slow Cinema -- slow cinema as a conscious ethos which is weaponized against the standardization of cinema by hollywood. we advocate for a filmmaking which is formal, humane, and is interested in both radical politics and esoteric metaphysics -- we want to create a cinematic style which is as equally focused on the ambient textures of an environment as it is with the affairs of human beings. we do not believe in 'coverage', we do not believe in a writer's cinema or a producer's cinema, we do not believe in empty spectacle -- we want to use occult influences to abolish the difference between reality and fantasy, and to show that this world we live in is enchanted and beautiful and pluralistic. we wish to express our queer voices through contemplative long takes, careful sound design and patient storytelling which allows the audience to participate in the creation of our art. we wish to create an alternative to the commercialized entertainment machine which treats filmmaking as a televisual exercise, AND an alternative to the bourgeois 'moral' arthouse cinema which reifies and makes banal the consequences of capitalism and imperialism. we wish to challenge and provoke through images, not words -- the cinematic image is a statement which reflects and affects the world around it, and we believe that cinema has a responsibility to create new spaces for marginalized voices -- we see no difference between cinema as a technique and cinema as an artform, cinema is a technique for changing our lives in conformity with Will. the films of New Slow Cinema are rooted in lived experiences, yet are made with a digital awareness of the global class conflict, and we believe that one cannot separate the personal from the political -- we use transcendental style as a way for new and magickal realities to overtake the current chauvinistic and patriarchal system of diffused technocratic capitalism -- the New Slow Cinema is an archeology of the past, a battle with the present, and a romance of the future.

we shall continue to create new films and challenge ourselves, and we take pride in the artistic struggle. avalyn and i will not rest until a breakthrough is achieved -- until the obscure and unknown flood-tide of productive forces washes over this world and redefines what it means to live with dignity, solidarity, and PRIDE.

“The great man, Genghis Khan, only knew how to shoot eagles with an arrow. The past is past. To see real heroes, look around you.”
- mao zedong

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