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  • Triple Frontier

    Triple Frontier


    This is a classic adventure story of old soldiers pulling off one last mission, updated to the modern world of Narcos, GPS and black ops. And it works splendidly.
    The bro cast is great, with Affleck as a morally-complex MVP, and director Chandor, who has made four successive films each of which is utterly different from the one before, and each of which is excellent, delivers some supremely tense set-pieces and a couple of awesome gunfights.

  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    Bang smack in the lower-middle of the Marvel quality range, this gets by on a decent cast (all of the leads are good), some nice gags (the Skrulls waiting for a CD-Rom to load is the best) and the excitement of seeing, y'know, an actual woman front and centre in an MCU movie.
    Aside from that its too expository, strangely cheap in its earthbound sequences (corridors, a Louisiana house, generic Californian streets) and a bit flat in its outer space…

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  • Nightcrawler



    Instantly announcing itself as one of the great Los Angeles films, Nightcrawler does so many things so well. It is a gripping, utterly atmospheric thriller. It features the best performance of Jake Gyllenhal's career. It says some scary, hilarious things about the way the current US Economic situation demands a certain amorality and even creates and rewards sociopaths. And it looks absolutely beautiful.
    That is mainly down to veteran cinematographer Robert Elswit, who together with debutant director Dan Gilroy (brother…

  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange


    So everybody needs to stop grousing about the origin template in superhero films. Most genres have a template; it's just that this particular (hybrid) genre has only really grown up in the last decade and a half, and been exhaustively analysed and measured and broken down and weighed in every conceivable way.

    So we all know what the origin formula looks like. We've seen it a dozen times before (at least). What Doctor Strange does is similar to what Ant…