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  • Bad Seeds

    Bad Seeds


    This is a slightly strange little film with a good heart. It's about troubled kids and the adults they become but is safe to watch with all the family. Catherine Deneuve dabs!

  • Mother Joan of the Angels

    Mother Joan of the Angels


    A film based loosely on the French nuns in the 1600s who were said to have been possessed by demons, a topic that has inspired many. I recently saw it covered in Haxan a bit more creepily than here in Mother Joan of the Angels. This doesn't seem much like a horror film to me, but it's hugely atmospheric. It's like Ingma Bergman meets Powel & Pressburger then they all go for a drink with Theodor Dreyer.

    I don't know if…

Popular reviews

  • Along the Coast

    Along the Coast


    This short by Agnes Varda about the French Riviera has got to be the coolest, most artistic tourist advertisement ever. And it works too. I now desperately want to go to 1958 Cannes.

  • Zazie dans le Métro

    Zazie dans le Métro


    Looney Tunes x Tati x fun Godard + Demy's parrot + je ne sais quoi = Zanzie dans le Metro. It's completely bonkers and unrelenting. Surely it's the pinnacle of whatever the hell it is.

    Pauline Kael said it was a big hit in France and a miss in the US. It's 'almost demonic in its inventiveness' and one critic said 'there's something not quite innocent or healthy' about it. There's definitely a disconcerting, unwholesome undercurrent and I can't decide…