Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

I meant to take up a more conscious effort to support more original films, but I also pray to the Church of Jake Gyllenhaal and his devilishly handsome face so here I am watching the millionth Spider-Man film on opening weekend. Woops.

Just as I predicted, Gyllenhaal and Mysterio are the best part of the film. Every blockbuster producer has been clambering to get this guy in a cape and tights for the last two decades, and I completely understand why he finally conceded to take this role. I know exactly what MCU role people will compare this to right off the bat but it would really be a disservice and kind of insulting. I love what they did with this character and we’ll likely be feeling the ripple effects of his actions for many films to come.

This is also where the film’s struggles begin because it tries to keep the same aloof comedic feeling of Homecoming while upping the stakes and this attempt at having it all is an incessant momentum killer. The smaller moments with Peter’s classmates (the comedic bits a downgrade from last time) act as annoying breaks from the truly unconventional parts that were significantly more interesting. It’s like watching a movie with your Grandma and she keeps pausing the film every 10 minutes to get you to explain what’s happening. What was before light hearted side moments become ditractors to the plot line I was desperate to get back to. I also loathe Flash Thompson to the point it gives me an ulcer so go figure they double his screen time.

There’s ALOT to enjoy here but the juggling act can get out of hand sometimes. You’ll certainly never be bored though as there’s not a single idle moment and Tom Holland is a joy to swing along with. Even his wooing of MJ is admittedly cute. Maybe by the next Spider-Man film he’ll discover the difference between Led Zepplin and ACDC.

One things for sure though, they’re not topping that end credits scene.

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