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  • L'Eclisse
  • The Killer
  • Anatahan
  • Deep Cover

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  • Stars in My Crown

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  • Baby's Meal

    Baby's Meal


    Decided to take a break off letterboxd and watching films in general. thank you  to anyone who has ever liked a review/list of mine or left a comment, it has really made me feel welcome into such a great community and I hope to be logging films again soon.

  • Stars in My Crown

    Stars in My Crown

    disappointing in the sense that the film borrows heavily from Ford’s How Green Was My Valley. Maybe if I haven’t seen Ford’s film, this would’ve been a lot more enjoyable. However, I’m afraid this personally isn’t the case as the shamelessness of the pastiche the film lays out ultimately falls to it’s detriment, leaving me no choice but to compare the two which becomes an unfair contest, that of which Stars In My Crown unfortunately stands no chance. Sad to say that one of my most anticipated Jacques T films was such a let-down.

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  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up


    This film makes no sense?! Why on earth would they choose a meteor, something that’s entirely apart of nature, to allegorize climate change, something that’s influenced heavily by man? So performative and boring! This is Netflix trying to make a neoliberal film on climate change and realizing you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  • Heat



    Too long. I like manhunter better