Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★½

Evil dies tonight!

take a shot every time Tommy Doyle says that

while boasting mean, utterly gruesome kills & a menacingly charred look for Michael Myers, Halloween Kills at its core is an entertaining slasher film that features countless characters who meet their bloody ends, but the overall film is way too overstuffed for its own good. it almost felt like it would’ve been better suited as a half hour series to flesh out its ideas & cast of characters. i mean, director David Gordon Green is no stranger to that type of storytelling with Vice Principals The Righteous Gemstones, so it could’ve been an route to explore. there’s interesting ideas at play, such as turning the town of Haddonfield into a traumatized town by evil incarnate & giving multiple characters backstories & subsequent redemption arcs (i.e. the boyfriend from the first film). sadly, it all just felt too bloated. Laurie Strode is barely in the movie too which begs the question of what is the purpose of this movie other than to be a Part 1 despite it being the centerpiece of this new trilogy? maybe it’ll work better in retrospect when Halloween Ends, literally. i hope so. there’s also a ton of sequences that could’ve been a lot more terrifying from a cinematic standpoint, specifically Michael’s escape from Laurie’s burning compound & a final showdown between Michael & the townspeople. both scenes are rushed & completely undercut by quick cuts & voiceover(??) which regrettably took part of the impact. i wonder if this is due to runtime constraints by trying to be a horror movie under two hours long, but it’s disappointing irregardless. in all honesty, Halloween Kills delivers on the murderous spree of its antagonist, well-mounted tension with some interesting (& not-so-interesting characters, & another banger score from maestro John Carpenter which made good for my overall enjoyment, but Green, McBride, & Teems definitely bit off more than they could chew with this slasher sequel. in essence, this movie just felt confused. i wanted to love it, but it was merely a sequel bait vehicle since virtually nothing new was added other than some backstory & obvious foreshadowing for the final showdown between Laurie & Michael which i, admittedly, will witness on opening night. i’d watch again though because it’s far from the worst of the series

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