Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby ★★★★★

You’re rocking him too hard.

i knew i should not have watched Rosemary’s Baby at twelve thirty at night in my pitch black room, but here we are and i am terrified. 

Polanski’s film is masterful. it’s dark, dreadful, and haunting with a story that will never ever leave my memory. i don’t think i’ll ever forget the chills i had watching this. literally during the last scene, i had to turn on my lamp i got so fucking freaked out. this is a genuine human horror story masterpiece. Mia Farrow is magnificent as the titular mother. she gives a terrific physical performance. i won’t ever forget watching this. haven’t felt this freaked since i saw Hereditary a year ago. that’s the power of film y’all.

oh might i also mention that the film ended right at three am so someone help

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