Midsommar ★★★★

Was it *really* necessary to get that weird?

After Ari Aster came onto my radar last year with the fantastic ‘Hereditary’ (2018), I was excited to see what he’d come out with next. 

‘Midsommar’ is very interesting. The cinematography and direction are both absolutely gorgeous, and make the film enjoyable even in its duller moments. Despite the two and a half hour runtime, I wouldn’t say the film felt anywhere near that length, even if some areas do feel kind of slow. Florence Pugh (Dani) is incredible in the lead role, and Jack Reynor (Chris), William Jackson Harper (Josh) and Will Poulter (Mark) make for a fantastic supporting cast. While the story clearly takes inspiration from classic horror films, it still manages to be interesting in its own right, and some of its visuals and more gruesome moments make it memorable (although nothing hits the shock values of *that* moment in ‘Hereditary’). 

Overall I’d definitely recommend going to see this, it’s important to support these kind of films as the box office, and you might even have a good time with it too. 

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