Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★½

A surprisingly awesome double-header with Come to Daddy.

While they're similar in tone and style, they very much differ thematically. Ready or Not very directly satires old school ideals and the blue-collar class. It looks at the antiquated idea of tradition, and critiques the traditional idea of femininity as well. By the end of the film we have a badass heroine, but it's achieved through actual story and character development -- not just a girl in a cape and spandex punching bad guys and deflecting bullets so the audience knows she's a badass. I really liked the way they approached this.

As far as the film itself, it's funny, violent and thrilling. Great moments of suspense. It obviously has an absurd plot, but if you're a perosm that can just take a film for what it is (like myself), then I'm sure you'll really enjoy this one.

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