Hereditary ★★★★★

Ari Aster’s astounding debut Hereditary is a modern horror masterpiece. It feels like a late 60s Polanski directed it. It is an impeccably crafted film. Aster takes elements of familial melodrama, existential dread, and occult horror and puts it in a blender to create something truly terrifying and masterful.

He’s aided by an all-time great performance by Toni Collette. Shame on the Academy for not recognizing it. Her layered performance is a sight to behold. You feel her grief, and it’s truly haunting stuff. Without going into spoilers, there’s one scene where she’s so absolutely devastating that it doesn’t even feel like she’s acting. I also really liked Alex Wolff here. Aster’s script takes his character some wild places and he’s up to the challenge. I’d be remiss to not mention Milly Shapiro, who gives a creepy kid performance that ranks up with the best of them. She’ll give you nightmares.

Hereditary is a masterpiece. It’s a tremendous accomplishment by Ari Aster and he immediately proved himself as one of the best horror auteurs working today.

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