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This review may contain spoilers.

"Just did the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs."

Solo: A Star Wars Story was the first Star Wars film since Episode VII that I haven't seen in cinemas and I've only just got around to it; primarily because it looked awful and I didn't want Han to be tarnished by someone who wasn't Harrison Ford.

It was much more enjoyable than I expected; with that being said very little stood out here. They swapped out Lord and Miller for the safety of Ron Howard who predictably delivered a very safely directed film. The lead isn't as charismatic as Ford, but Glover stands up to the standard of Williams as Lando and was by far the most enjoyable aspect of the film. I did also like Chewie but it's hard to get Chewbacca wrong; Woody Harrelson was also much more fun than I expected.

Everything else was either just about passable, boring or bad. There are a couple too many plot twists and double crosses here that it starts to defeat the purpose and they become predictable which is unfortunate. Emilia Clarke was wasted, boring and in everything following the opening pretty unlikable. It does tend to jump around but I didn't find that to be the biggest problem and kept at least the environment interesting.

Some very fun action set pieces from scene to scene and some fun lines; mostly from Lando. There's some good stuff here for the future (Darth Maul could be fun) but they need to seriously tighten the production up next time.