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  • No Country for Old Men

    No Country for Old Men


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    After watching this for the umpteenth time, I’ve finally started analysing, while sparse, the scenes of dialogue in this film. Other watches had me more invested in the remarkable visual storytelling that sets it apart from other thrillers that boast the same tone and while that was still one of the most prominent parts of this watch still, I found myself focused on what the Coen’s had integrated into the script. Of course, the infamous coin toss scene is an…

  • Cold War

    Cold War


    Cold War is a beautiful film.

    It's the one phrase I could come up with when I said to myself "I should write something about Cold War". In all fairness, its 3 o'clock in the morning, so maybe that's why I'm drawing a blank. Cold War didn't deter my thoughts and feelings, nor did it challenge my perspectives or result in a reaction I'd remark as "out of the ordinary" but it was just a beautiful film. Nothing more, nothing…

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  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    Time seems to fly past amid the most mundane moments in everyday life. A flicker of light from a solitary ray of sunshine, splitting a cold wall in two, can last for a fraction of a minute, yet oddly feel like hours of considerations, recollections and sentiments have passed. So many times have I felt like this that I have turned out to be mindful of it after some time. The novelty is the escapism in that very moment. That…

  • Wild Strawberries

    Wild Strawberries


    Above all else, Wild Strawberries is a marvel of filmmaking. From scene one, any and all viewers will be placed into the hands of Bergman and subsequently subjected to one of the most hypnotic and beautiful filmmaking experiences, I, for one, have ever seen.

    A film so radiant in its black and white beauty, eloquently put together and magnificently crafted, you can’t help but wonder what it all could have truly meant. We begin with an opening sequence that immediately…

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  • Alita: Battle Angel

    Alita: Battle Angel


    A monotonous CGI trainwreck riddled with clichés, appaling writing, weightless action, stock music, boring characters, cringe-worthy dialogue and above all else, had the goddamn nerve to dedicate its ENTIRE RUNTIME to a possible SEQUEL to a film that literally NO ONE WILL WATCH.

    I hate films.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    A glorified wiki page transformed into a standard, pandering and abysmal retelling of a story which has been watered down to appeal to the biggest demographic known to man, to rake in more money and bank off of the names and art created by people who don't deserve to even be remotely related to a product of this quality.