Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

So many thoughts, hardly the right words…
My back hurts, my head aches, my eyes are red and sore from the tears shed tonight. Folks, this movie isn’t as good as you thought, ITS BETTER!!

In fact it’s probably one the best films I’ve ever seen! I’m also not joking, my back genuinely hurts, mostly from laughing though, and we’ll as crying. 

This movie is the best comedy/drama/action/martial arts/sci fi/fantasy movie you can see in a theatre, and you SHOULD see it in a theatre to truly experience the raw emotions that the film has to offer with so many people. My god. 

The performances are all flawless. The cinematography is beautiful, the script is playing 7th dimensional chess on crack and kicking Cthulhu’s ass at it (the script is playing in a 7D chess tournament against multiple many Eldritch beings, titans and former gods, all of who’s asses are being kicked), the sound design is beautiful, it truly an achievement. 

Go see it.

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