Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Holy shit, maybe the most depressing thing I’ve seen in my lifetime.. along with the response to it. The now in all its rot.

So, what, are we all just supposed to sit back and happily imagine what could be, what could’ve been? Is that supposed to insatiate us long enough to finish doing our taxes and our other mundane tasks? Are we supposed to feel better about ourselves when our lives suck because actually this is all meaningless and whatever is in our imagination is enough to make us happy? So, are we supposed to be complacent and not attempt to step down the other possible paths?

It is disgusting that this film is essentially one big propaganda piece attempting to make you feel good about complacency, especially when that complacency is set within a world that is persistently hurting and alienating you. AKA “Nothing is wrong with the world. Just be calm. Go along with everything.” I say this film is propaganda as it is using the language of the now— randomness humor, fast-pace plastic SFX reel, infinite cutting, “meta,” multiverse— to get its ideology across. The ideology of, “fuck it, who cares?… But you still have to be a good person.” None of that contemporary stuff is actually employed to critique our current world/media, instead it is all quite brazenly shoving forward the same garbage it always shoves forward: nihilistic chaos with overtones of sucking up and doing what’s expected. Just look at where the daughter ends up: though she’s seemingly been berated and traumatized her entire life by her mother, she ends up sticking with her because,… idk, family bonds or something? Even in the end when the mom tells her girlfriend to grow her hair, it is a moment of saying “yeah, your parents may hate you and what you stand for but stick with them because of love.” Same goes for the mom with the government/taxes. Stockholm Syndrome: The Movie.

Turns out propaganda works! The audience I was with saw themselves within Evelyn. They cheered when she first beat someone up. Once the credits rolled, people were discussing how they had cried. So I suppose now we are all supposed to be OK with our daily shit too, like Evelyn is at the end. We’re all supposed to stew in it now, huh? Great. The audience reaction terrified me.

This film is a crime.

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