Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

"There's a Bob Dylan reference in it..."

Was all I knew about this film, and it was more than enough to spark my interest. I no longer care about any stupid Bob Dylan reference, Llewyn Davis' story has encapsulated me more than many stories are able to do.

Most Coen brothers films tend to keep you at a distance, you observe the insane and outrageous situations they place their characters in but, for me at least, I don't emotionally connect with them, Inside Llewyn Davis defies this expectation. For not one second did I look away from the screen, I don't even know if I could have if I wanted to.

I was more than immersed in this film, I felt I was in this film, the best word I can think to describe it is warm. Every emotion Llewyn felt I felt it just as strong, everytime he finished a song I was gritting my teeth waiting to hear what the listeners thoughts were, and the Coen brothers play on it, this film made me more frustrated than most, sadder than most and more hopeful than most.

It's a complete puppeteer of your emotions, I didn't even pay attention to much of the technical side because of how mesmerized I was but I can only imagine they're all just as good as the screenplay as at the end of the day it was the screenplay who was the main culprit of my enjoyment.

This was a beautiful experience, I was already a bit of a fan of the folk genre but listening back to the soundtrack I'm experiencing it in a while new way.

Inside Llewyn Davis: 10/10

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