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    The Menu


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    just a plain observation: 2022 is really the year for films in which someone lost their finger due to mutilation--either by self or by another party

  • Bee Movie

    Bee Movie

    - When will this nightmare end?

    - Let it all go.

    starting off this year right with kino history

  • Primal Fear

    Primal Fear


    all four stars are for ed norton, laura linney and frances mcdormand only.

  • See How They Run

    See How They Run


    saoirse ronan and sam rockwell PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE PLEASE

  • All That Jazz

    All That Jazz


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    the erotic airplane-themed "regular couple, yaoi couple, yuri couple, i see no difference. love is love 👍" dance routine, you will always be famous to #me!

  • Calvary



    ...and fuck the catholic church!!

  • They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

    They Shoot Horses, Don't They?


    They shoot horses, don't they?

    jesus fucking christ. it's so real and still very much relevant today. this will definitely haunt me for a while. astounding performances from both jane fonda and susannah york--as gloria and alice respectively.

  • Elvis



    it was way longer than what i expected but, phew...every single second of it feels so overwhelmingly charming and fun

  • Avalanche



    yamamori and kirishima my beloved meow meows. oyama could have been THEE perfect shakespearean villain if only they had PROPERLY written his character arc and motives.

  • License to Live

    License to Live


    a young man whose clock has stopped moving since then. everyone is moving on—following the world that keeps on changing. existential revelations against the backdrop of a broken family’s pony farm. the temporal lingering of presence and emotions. at the end, people eventually fade; just like memories.

  • Shin Godzilla

    Shin Godzilla


    kamata-kun <3

  • All About Our House

    All About Our House


    toda keiko's cameo for a few seconds <3<3<3