Lady Bird ★★★★★

i can’t really form coherent sentences rn so here are some thoughts:
- crash into me is my mom’s favorite song and i grew up with it, so that being in the movie made it 100x more powerful for me
- i cannot stress enough how heavily i relate to lady bird, most notably in her yearning for independence. i grew up in a small suburban town and i absolutely hate it and i want nothing more than to go to college in a city (nyu is my top choice) exactly like lady bird
-  it was so REAL. i grew up poor, and that’s exactly how my experience was: thrift shopping out of necessity, small christmas with little gifts, and the embarrassment of how mundane and run-down your house was  in comparison to others
- lady bird is not the gay icon we asked for, but the gay icon we deserved
- give saoirse her oscar!!!!!!
- my mom came in right as the credits began and said goodnight to me and as soon as she said i love you and left i started BAWLING even harder
- what a beautiful, important, incredible film.  we love a future best picture winner. greta gerwig, i love you

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