Tiernan O'Rourke

Tiernan O'Rourke

I watched these movies. It’s basically the apocalypse out there, so why not watch a few more?

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  • Starfish



    Kind of felt like a compendium of indie rock music videos which is not necessarily a bad thing. I had to rewind several times to make sure I understood what was happening. That didn’t help. I have zero clue what happened. Did it matter though? I still enjoyed the journey and the music choices even if the whole affair depressed me even more than a usual movie in quarantine.

  • Runaway



    Way ahead of it’s time. In a dumb kinda way. Tom Selleck fights iPads, Alexas and Roombas TO THE DEATH!!! He hates these dumb, household robots. It’s clever foreshadowing in that this is where we are as a society, but it’s so silly watching Selleck tackle boxy computers. Silly... yet highly entertaining.

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  • Double Team

    Double Team


    This movie makes about as much sense as a Tsui Hark film starring Van Damme, Dennis Rodman and Mickey Rourke! I continually had to remind myself I wasn’t dreaming while watching. It’s delightfully zany. Rodman’s basketball puns and strange anecdotes win me over in literally ever scene. Post-plastic Rourke is the perfect villain even though I have no clue what his agenda is. I still have zero understanding of any of the character relationships. I can’t mention anything about the finale without spoiling one of the greatest action set pieces possibly of all time. Must be seen to be believed.

  • The Fan

    The Fan


    Everyone was wrong about this movie! It’s complicated, nuanced and has all the flashy panache you’d expect from Tony Scott. At the base level you have a totally wild and unhinged performance from De Niro. Snipes grounds everything with a very even and honest effort. The insane score from Zimmer bounces off tracks from the completely outrageous soundtrack. The songs that were picked + the style Zimmer crafted = ear trauma! I love it! You’ve never heard a score or…