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“I rather people feel a film before understanding it.”

― Robert Bresson

Favorite films

  • Tokyo.Sora
  • Blue
  • Blissfully Yours
  • From the Clouds to the Resistance

Recent activity

  • Columbus


  • The Royal Tenenbaums


  • The Darjeeling Limited


  • Come Together


Recent reviews

  • Typhoon Club

    Typhoon Club


    An aimless journey through the pesky trials of adolescence, while hard rain and wind circles these youths in a haven, were they lay pondering their personal demons and issues with life. The blooms of sexual desires, outbursts of violence, peer pressure, anxiety, thoughts of death and fears of growing old are at the forefront of this existential crisis. The typhoon that rages outside matches exactly with the dark thoughts being displayed by these teens. Viewing adulthood as the end of…

  • Class Relations

    Class Relations


    A fresh start at life in a vast new place that operates harshly and has a completely different perspective from what we recognize as the status quo. This constant stumbling upon awkward situations as we try an assimilate, leaving a disorienting feeling that makes us feel a loss of control, almost as if we are in a strange nightmare. Even as this comical and depressing nightmare ensues, we still manage to make subtle connections with people who understand and admire…

Popular reviews

  • Labyrinth of Dreams

    Labyrinth of Dreams


    An eerie quietness paired with an unfulfilling routine, making everyday life stagnant and miserable. The chance at an opportunity to finally trail off this road of loneliness, while being aware of the unpleasant ending that will come. Making decisions that go against reason, just so you can gain some sort of control with your life. Even if it means being optimistic towards darkness.

    My life was miserable and I was lonely, but remember me as the one who wrestled her fate at the end.

  • Woman of the Lake

    Woman of the Lake


    A casual night of infidelity takes a turn for the worse, when images showcasing what went on from said night get stolen. It's from here on we begin to see are character's feelings for one another slowly fade, as curiosity begins to brew. The realization that it was never true passion and strictly lust, leads them down their own paths of self discovery.

    The sharp B&W cinematography and stellar compositions, manage to express all the emotions and impulses that the…