Scream ★★★★★

The best film to celebrate Halloween and to end Spooktober with. The love I have for Scream is unconditional. I remember being 6-7 years old and watching it for the first time, while I did not understand half of the jokes, it definitely started my love for horror films. I also remember trying to imitate the Ghostface voice while I prank called my dad, of course he knew it was me, but he would always play along because he also adores the franchise.

I watch it at least once a year, if not more, and every time I watch it I tend to notice something new; it’s crazy to be able to notice something new with a film like Scream, but it’s true. Wes Craven’s cameo as Fred dressed up in Freddie Krueger’s outifit as a janitor is something I’ve picked up on after many rewatches, but it’s a favorite of mine; it reminded me of Stan Lee’s cameos in the MCU, but for horror fans.

Another thing I’ve noticed, which isn’t actually done on purpose by the crew, is how similar Dewey Riley is to George McFly from Back to the Future. Their mimics, characteristics, and the way they act around the women they like are a few things I’ve noticed that are similar. When Gale says “Is this what you’ve been looking for?” talking about the car, and Dewey responds “My whole life” while looking at Gale, I feel like it’s the equivalent of George McFly saying “You are my density” to Lorraine in the diner. 

Scream continues to be one of the most iconic horror movies ever made, and it’ll never get old, it’s truly one of a kind. Still, I do understand people who can’t connect with it; to really understand it you need to love horror and its classic films and clichés.

Even though halloween costumes as Ghostface may be over-worn at this point, it’s something I’ll never get tired of. Anybody who loves Scream is good in my books.

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