Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

"Llewyn is... the cat"

"Llewyn HAS the cat."

A bit less than two years ago I moved back to my home city after being away for almost four years. It's tricky to come back and see places and people have moved on without you there, and so you feel like you don't quite fit, and you maybe never will again like before. I felt stuck for months. I had difficulty finding work, felt isolated socially, and missed places and times that didn't exist anymore.

In the middle of all that, a few days before my 22nd birthday, I watched INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS for the first time, and I got that rare feeling that a film was made to speak directly to me. The inescapable cycle of Llewyn's actions, the crushing tiredness he feels, all of it was way too familiar.

Today, I watched this on my 24th birthday. Even though I'm now in a much better place, both socially and career wise, the power of this film hasn't diminished at all. I can still feel that spiralling despair that Oscar Isaac portrays perfectly, the idea that we're just existing in routines, as opposed to really living life. I'm already looking forward to watching this again next year.

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