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  • Rashomon
  • Raising Arizona
  • The Royal Tenenbaums
  • Withnail & I

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  • Alien


  • Epicenter


  • The Woman in the Window


  • All Light, Everywhere


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  • Epicenter



    Wait, so Gary Daniels commits corporate espionage to sell government secrets to the Russian mob because his job didn’t offer a good healthcare plan? OK, that’s the only plausible thing in this movie. 

    The action scenes are characteristically PM silly and over the top… unfortunately it tries to cram in more unnecessary plot and family drama than a daytime soap.

  • The Woman in the Window

    The Woman in the Window


    To make a perfect THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW you take a handful of REAR WINDOW, a pinch of PANIC ROOM, bake for 102 minutes and discover it should have only been 90. Slightly overdone but still tastes good.

Popular reviews

  • Goya's Ghosts

    Goya's Ghosts


    Producer: So, you want Javier Bardem and Randy Quaid in your film?

    Forman: Yes!

    Producer: Okay. And Javier will be the King of Spain?

    Forman: No. I want Randy as the King.

    Producer: But, I just d...

    Forman: (*interrupts) I directed AMADEUS

    Producer: Ok. Ok. And you want Natalie Portman. As the mother or the daughter?

    Forman: Yes.

    Producer: Yes?

    Forman: Yes. I saw ATTACK OF THE CLONES. I want her to be a clone.

    Producer: Ok. I'm putting my…

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    Your lonely neighborhood Spider-Man.

    The iconography of the Spider-Man has always been the blue and red webhead getting an arachnid bite, mourning a dead uncle, and swinging from the heights of a downtown skyscraper. Jon Watts’s Spider-Home trilogy decided on a different approach to slowly create an origin story over a three-movie arc.

    Tom Holland's Spider-Man movies have constantly felt like the filler from one massive project to another. HOMECOMING picked up the pieces of 2012's AVENGERS and the fractured…