A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child ★★½

This one isn't bad per se, but definitely the weakest one out of the bunch of Nightmare movies I've seen so far. Alice is back from the previous film and I'm glad she didn't get killed off so quick like the other teenagers from previous films so that's a plus. The new characters introduced here were okay, nothing special. Freddy of course also comes back through Alice's child's dreams when she's pregnant which is a weird concept, but I did like how they did it and used that concept to an advantage for the weirdness this movie has in the long run.

This film also has a lot of weird, trippy effects that messed me up for a bit especially near the ending, but once again they used it to their advantage to keep the movie from getting boring for me. Not that many kills, but damn are they clever especially when Mark hits the dust from Super Freddy. 

I enjoyed it to an extent, and I do like how weird these movies keep getting but it has definitely come a long way from when Freddy was more of a mysterious and menacing character.

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