Her ★★★½

Although Her does boast striking visuals throughout and has an inventive notion of inserting sci-fi into a romantic drama that is certainly fresh to make this film quite solid enough for me at the moment, it is just that I simply couldn't fully connect and directly associate myself to the movie as a whole by the end of it to entirely embrace it.

Performance-wise, everyone involved in Her to an extent is profound for sure, with Phoenix doing the heavy lifting throughout this one with him being a relatively convincing isolated man who just wants a more capable life and stable relationships for himself.

Johansson, while offering up an elated lively voice for the film's sci-fi aspect as Phoenix's A.I. lover, is very well Her's weakest link in my book, and it especially gets more detrimental in the latter half of the movie where it ultimately drags, as the two grow apart from their established human-A.I. relationship where it becomes more absurd than moving after a strong initial half which gripped me in for the most part.

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