Saw ★★★★

Making for one of the better horror-thrillers of the 2000s that would've eventually spawned a series and dominate the decade itself with an endless amount of sequels, James Wan's Saw is a relatively effective directorial debut and first installment that works more often than not mostly due to the film's clever narrative, twisted titular villain, and an authentic low-budget look to it that assuredly gives this initial entry its now-classic status that rightfully resonates to this very day.

Though some of the music video-style editing at parts and amateurish performance from Leigh Whannell here keep Saw from being absolutely ideal, the film itself still provides just enough thrills to the table as a whole without going overboard with the torturous gore that the franchise will unquestionably do more of going forward, and even includes some twists and turns along the way that are truly some of the most unpredictable ever in any film in general.

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