Se7en ★★★★

Se7en is no doubt slow-burn crime thriller at its relative best. It does take a bit to get going needless to say, but once Pitt's and Freeman's distinct characters become accustomed to each other as partners in crime and begin to carefully investigate the brutal murders done by John Doe with the brilliant Seven Deadly Sins factor at play here is where Se7en absolutely shines, as the film does grow to be truly grim and fully gripping all around.

This in fact is primarily supported by the ominous atmosphere and the incredible performances put on by both the detectives and the villain himself. Pitt and Freeman both play off each other quite well throughout with the former being rather novice and the latter being fairly collective, which indeed signals their operational expertise on the matter as a whole. Spacey, as always, efficiently makes a supremely sinister villain for the film itself once his nefarious plans are entirely revealed, which made the ending to this particularly unforgettable without question.

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