Wonder Woman ★★★½

Still think that the final act of this film definitely doesn't feel as refined as the two acts before it, but Wonder Woman as a whole is a mostly solid & relatively delightful effort from DC for the most part.

Gal Gadot is notably ideal for the titular character's origin story here as she reprises her key role from Batman v Superman, and she does indeed give out quite a captivating performance throughout as she leads the film rather well & truly does capture the Wonder Woman look right.

The supporting cast in this also are generally top-notch as well, as Chris Pine's character & his companions here make for some amusing interactions/chemistry with Gadot's Diana Prince.

Their memorable scenes together, some neat touching moments, and Gadot's now-iconic performance no doubt elevate Wonder Woman to be one of the more better DC offerings to date.

Could've been a whole lot better, but I'll take what we got with this one in the end. Here's hoping the sequel will be a slight or maybe even immense improvement from this one.

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