La Haine

La Haine ★★★★½

I found this film to be very realistic, one of the most realistic movies i’ve ever seen I think. The way the friends talk to each other and how they hate each other and get in arguments but then 5 minutes later have each other’s back no matter what, I just thought that was great. The chemistry between all the actors was amazing and I thought they all did a great job playing their part. The story was great and it was never boring. The directing was great and I thought the decision to make this black and white was great and I couldn’t see this film any other way. The cinematography was really good, some of the best of the 90s I think, and the visuals are incredible on this. The script is amazing and the writing is great. This film was very brutal in ways but it had to be to get its message across to the viewer and it sure did. Police brutality is a real thing and is still a problem today. Glad I finally got to see this.

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