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inaccurately rating movies.

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  • La La Land
  • Little Women
  • Knives Out
  • Tangled

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  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


  • Focus


  • Elvis


  • Now You See Me 2


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  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


    i have so much to say about this movie…
    for me it wasn’t as good as everyone’s saying and it’s far from perfect because of all the technical flaws this had! 
    the tribute to CB was incredible, everything in it was really appealing and impactful which brought a lot of emotion to the film, that’s undeniable, t’challa was the black panther and it was so sad to see the characters aimless and helpless without him you know & i think that’s…

  • Focus



    margot is so hot

    the beginning of this was so good but then the second half felt like a totally different movie! i don’t know 

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  • Blonde



    where do i start?
    this is the most sexist and misogynistic film that i have ever seen, it’s disgusting and totally disrespectful. i seriously can’t believe that i’ve wasted 2 hours of my life for this.
    my expectations were so high… i am so disappointed. 
    this movie had everything to be a great biography or at least something nice for of one of the most amazing artist to ever exist but they did her so dirty. the entire thing was just…

  • Enola Holmes 2

    Enola Holmes 2


    honestly, i feel like this one was way better than the first one! enola holmes 2 compared to the first does have a slow pacing with some tedious parts, but it was still very entertaining and appealing! it was really nice to see this story, this case of enola, it was way more interesting than the first one, which made time pass by so fast.
    millie fitted really well as enola and her chemistry with louis is truly unmatched, henry…