Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★½

The Coen brothers may have created one of their most complex and interesting characters in Llewyn Davis, a musician in New York's Greenwich village. He just lost his partner to suicide and is struggling to make it as a folk singer, having to rely on friends in order to not sleep out on the streets. The world has given him a lot of shit and consequently, he is a dick towards others. Llewyn, while obviously talented, has a tendency to be antagonistic to those around him. It is this that makes him such an emotionally conflicting character, at least for me. Oscar Isaac did a great job portraying him on the screen. One of the best performances of 2013.

While funny, this is a pretty depressing film. A reminder that those who should make it big, don't always. In Llewyn's case, his shitty attitude is what is preventing him from getting somewhere, at least in part. He's basically stuck as a musician, while those around him seem to catch at least some breaks. An incredibly real and human story, and one that will leave you thinking at the end.

I don't know where else to put this last bit, nor do I know how to end this review so I'll just say this: AMAZING soundtrack. My favorite of 2013.