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  • Shutter



    i went in blind and i'm so glad i did.
    i'll just say that when it comes to the genre of horror (at the moment) foreign films never disappointed me... and i couldn't help but love this.

    the idea was so well executed. the whole "photographer and girlfriend accidentally run over a woman and leave her there to die to later start seeing weird things in his pictures" dynamic kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.

    but yeah i don't know what else i can say... i loved it and i can't wait to give it a rewatch:)

  • Next of Kin

    Next of Kin


    a really creepy, atmospheric, australian horror film beautifully shot. 89 minutes of a ride that it felt as if the shining and suspiria had a baby.

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  • To All the Boys I've Loved Before

    To All the Boys I've Loved Before


    lara jean can't drive, only has one (1) friend, is shy af, watches 80s films, loves reading and stays in on saturday nights to watch shows shsjks i don't know about you,,, but tHAT'S MY REPRESENTATION

  • When They See Us

    When They See Us


    "you watch them grow... and you start to think you did a good job. and then a night... you look away... one night."

    the system of justice in america has to be one of the most embarrassing things ever. the saddest part is that, this must be just one of the millions of cases where men of colour are misjudged by a system that 9 times out of 10 let rapists go free without any problem at all. shame on…