Midsommar ★★★★★

i literally felt like i was having a psychedelic drug fuelled nightmare for the entirety of this film, i- what in the actual fuck a24, WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK!

i know i always say i have no words... but genuinely i have no fucking words. at one point i was sat there, my mouth n my eyes wide open, with tears dripping down my face (get out style) - i have NEVER been so immersed in a film. i’m in a state of shock, genuinely. i left that cinema shaking.

imagine wickerman but done better, on a larger scale n on steroids... magic fucking mushroom ass steroids. this. THIS! is the definition of psychological horror - idk how he did it but ari managed to blow hereditary out the water. imagine ur SECOND FUCKING FILM hitting THAT hard, i- LITERALLY “i-“

can we just take a moment to give it up for florence pugh man. mother of holy jesus christ that woman can ACT!

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