A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★½


An 80s classic and a very well made horror movie, following the lives of a group of teenagers as they start to have premonition like dreams of their deaths to an evil knives for hands murderer.

The story is just fascinatingly creative, the premise alone I think is perfect for a horror film and it’s execution is just so great, especially considering the time period it was made. The use of practical effects to bring this nightmare to life is just spectacular to witness, the production design alone is enough to warrant rewatching this film over and over. Some of the nightmare horror sequences are just so creative and although I didn’t find them very scary I really appreciated the craftsmanship that goes into making it feel so fantastical yet real at the same time. Although I was not a fan of its abrupt and ambiguous ending I also appreciate that a sequel is perfectly set up which means that this doesn’t totally work as it’s own stand alone film but none the less I gotta watch the next one now!

The score is so god damn good, the nursery skipping rope song and the spooky twinkling music work hand in hand at giving an almost murderous lullaby feel. The cinematography is great, like I said the production design is spot on and because of this the lighting and colours in every frame really stand out in an appealing way.

A solid slasher movie and really charming yet chilling to watch. Highly recommended.