Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★½

Hilarious, Heartwarming and terrifying.

Jojo Rabbit is a revolutionary piece of film set in nazi Germany with a Taika Watiti flare that follows a young boy who has been brainwashed by the nazi ideology and stumbles across a Jewish girl hiding in his house.

The story is pretty great, good pacing and natural tonal shifts that lean from comedy to brutalising war film with ease. The characters are fantastically well written with the perfect level of satire that makes every joke inoffensive and hilarious while delivering some very mature comments on war and xenophobia. I’ve never seen Nazi Germany look so beautiful, the film has an attractive colour palette of cyan, red, pink and yellow as if the cold world is being seen through the unfiltered eyes of a child. Editing is utilised to full comedic effect with perfect timing that elevates a serious situation into one of satire. The performances are superb, Scarlett is brilliant as always and Roman Griffin Davis kills it in the role of Jojo and Taika is just fucking hilarious.

Although people complain about the lack of comedy as usually seen in a Watiti film I think it’s a nice change, you can still feel his auteur but it adds something new to his filmography.

I think what this film has done will change fictional filmmaking forever. It takes a wildly offensive concept that mocks a very tragic time of human history but somehow gets away with it in a forgiving way. The use of comedy and realism is so perfectly blended that even The Oscars have recognised it. I look forward to seeing what comes out of this creative playground that Taika has opened for us filmmakers.

I thought it was a beautiful film of adolescence, naivety, romance and diversification. Case closed.

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