WandaVision ★★★★½

Almost Perfect.

MCU Spoilers Ahead.

Wandavision takes place after the events of Avengers Endgame where Wanda finds herself in a strange new reality in which she and her thought to be dead husband are the stars of their own sitcom.

The story is AMAZING. I lived for every Friday to see the next chapter of the story unfold it was so gripping, I love the sitcom style of it and the references it makes throughout I thought it was clever and so refreshing to see from a marvel story. My only gripe with the story is it’s ending, every episode was a total subversion of expectations, you go into the next one thinking you’ve figured it all out just to find you’re actually a dumb ass and the show is way more clever than you but in the final episode that feeling fleeted. The final episode is such a conventional superhero film ending with lasers being thrown and punches and I though many of the most intriguing narrative threads were wasted, like Ralph Bohner... wtf is up with that! If you didn’t stick around for the post credits scene I imagine you’d be very disappointed with the ending, there was so much potential to open the door for the next few storylines like Spider-Verse and Multiverse of Madness but it feels slightly wasted. However the MCU has proven to me it knows what it’s doing in the grand scheme of things so it’s not too much of a bummer.

The production design here is simply fantastic, every episode is totally unique in its sets and costumes and even cinematography, they used the correct cameras to stay in continuity of the time periods and it shows. The visual effects are superb as well, it’s just such a well made show.

Overall I loved it for the most part and can’t wait to see what’s coming next.