DRIVER leaves his apartment to the noise of Desire's "Under Your Spell", which has been nonsensically playing at Standard and Irene's party next door to the zombied joy of their guests. DRIVER looks to their door, to see if perhaps the staff at Pitchfork had robbed the place and left their iTunes playlist behind.


We pause for 4 seconds, as IRENE must calibrate her emptiest gaze in an attempt to convey longing, and match DRIVER's own highway speed emptiness disguised as longing.


We pause for 5 more seconds, IRENE has clearly sensed a staring contest has begun. DRIVER puts on his best Creepface to gain an advantage.

IRENE: Sorry about the noise

5 more seconds pause as DRIVER silently considers the horrors taking place in Sudan. IRENE continues to stare, taking in DRIVER as masturbatory material for her evening's bath.

DRIVER: I was gonna call the cops

4 more full seconds pass as each tries to remember which opening dance sequence went with each season of the Cosby show.

IRENE: I wish you would

Their life-changing exchange is interrupted by STANDARD, who will quiz DRIVER about the relationship with his wife, accepting answers such as "Yes" and "Mmhmm" in place of an ass-kicking.

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