Your Name. ★★★★★

Again we have a beautiful emotional journey by Makoto Shinkai. This guy knows "the feels": knows how to make the audience sad, apprehensive, anger, happy, nostalgic, cheer for the characters and so on. Basically, when it comes to the emotional aspect of the art, he's got everything a director/creator needs. Standing side by side with that amazing quality, Shinkai (and the crew, of course) provides us spectacular visuals, so spectacular that makes me wish those movies never be adapted to live action, because the odds of achieving an equivalent cinematography and visual are minimal.
To this day, this is the most epic of Shinkai's journey, and as emotional as 5 centimeters per second (but not as sad, fortunately).
The only significant "issue" with the movie, is that some aspects may be seen as plot holes. But after a thorough analysis, they're not. And the pace can make the plot a little bit hard to follow. But those are easily overshadowed by the rest.

Long story short, i still consider 5 centimeters per second to be Shinkai's grand masterpiece, but Kimi no na wa is almost there, being also also a masterpiece. But when it comes to replay value, i'd go with Your name, since it's very uplifting and Byōsoku 5 Senchimētoru is too sad.