This is so metaphorical

Feels like something of a watershed moment. I’m guessing/hoping this will be a lot of people’s gateway drug into World Cinema/Korean film/arthouse fare, ‘crossing the line’ if you will. Partly due to its seamless bridging of the gap between slick, well-crafted entertainment and the more artistically inclined, symbolically loaded subset. But more explicitly due to the big Oscar wins. 

Every once in a while, the online film ‘community’ likes to collectively select a film as the next coming of Christ, and bearing an opinion divergent to the consensus is like spitting in the wind. You’ll be labelled a contrarian, and that’s that. And well, personally I’m all for Director Bong as our new Messiah. 

Parasite succeeds in just about every way a movie can hope to succeed. It already feels iconic. I just hope, in the not too distant future, we’re able to look back upon it’s ascent as the beginning of a new chapter in film acceptance and recognition. #BONGHIVE.

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