Shanghai Express

Shanghai Express ★★★½

Rumour has it that if you were to look up poetic cinema in the dictionary, the first image you’ll see (or rather, be granted) shall resemble those close-ups of Dietrich’s face. Seducing, intimidating, forcing your brain matter to melt and turn into mush upon sheer sight. Sweltering and smoke-filled. 

Some stellar use of fog otherwise is fitting for any and all scenes where she’s nowhere to be seen given that they all started to blur together in my mind. But that face tho. Hmph. 

The ultimate formula of ethereal warmth trapped and fighting to escape an ice-cold exterior that says ‘spend all your money on me and maybe we can be friends’ but also ‘cross me and die. If you dare’

But also ‘if I truly like you for you, I’ll buy you that gold watch. Instead of the other way around’ and ‘we can drop it all, unconditionally’ as I make you feel like only other soul in all of Shanghai, China.

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