Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★

The main reason of the movie's having taken people's attention on is to see the meeting of these two legend characters -Han and Chewbacca- who had played an important part in the past Star Wars movies. I went for the same reason actually. But when I was watching the movie, Compared to the side characters -even chewbacca- , I was just curious about the young life of Han, his early life experiments and how they affected his personality by now. Even though the bromance between the Chewie and Han was so cute, it wasn't the main theme of the movie, unlike I assumed. But the story of Han itself was not so extensive too. It's nothing deeper than a movie that shallowly focuses on one character.

Lightings was frustrating for a Star Wars movie. Especially the first scenes was gloomy.

I was just about to give two points. but
extra points for L3-37! Best droid ever.