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This review may contain spoilers.

This might be my favorite movie ever. This might be the film i have felt the most emotion and heart, which is my favorite kind of movie. This movie is perfect. The first movie is about jealously leading to friendship, the second movie is questioning where you should be or want to be, and the third film is about growing up.

Andy is going to college and there are only the core toys left. All of the others, including Bo Peep are gone, and that sense of loss is so heartbreaking, even if alot of those toys are side characters.

I also love how this is a fantastic comedy and prison escape film. The jokes all land, and it is thrilling with how intimidating Lotso and his regime is. The animation is truly incredible, and Pixar has always had incredible animation. It is one of the most beautifully animated films as well.

The climax and the ending is one of the most incredible things i have ever seen. It becomes a full fledged horror movie, with a villain who isn't redeemed, while the toys all fall into the incinerator awaiting certain death while holding hands. That moment alone is one of the best scenes from any film i have ever seen.

The ending brings the series full circle with again, one of the most emotional goodbyes of Andy giving the toys away to Bonnie, with him naming them all and playing with them one last time. A tiny moment that makes me tear up is Bonnie moving Woodys hand goodbye, as if Woody is literally waving goodbye to Andy. "So Long Partner." Perfect movie.