Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★½

I'm not going to lie, there are some individual moments that just don't work and it feels like there is an awkward juggle with the tone, but what I love in this film I absolutely adore. I was a bit unsure with the direction of the story in the first act, but the second act really threw me for a loop and made me do a whole 180 on the whole film. As I'm writing this I feel that a rewatch will only bring out the greater qualities even more. I think this is probably the first time with Taika's work where I find the humor to be the weakest element, but there were still some great moments. I've heard a lot of criticism with the framing of Nazis in the film, which I can understand for the most part. Though I feel like people forget that the story is shown from the perspective of an ignorant kid whose viewed this ideology as the way things should be, only for it to come crashing down to reality, which I think is well realized in how most of the absurdist style seems to take a back seat in the final act where there is a greater sense of consequence. Its nowhere near perfect, but I think it does what it wanted to do in a really sincere and special way and it ends on such a wonderfully optimistic note.

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