Midsommar ★★★★

I'm still a bit mixed with some of the thematic stuff at play but as a completely atmospheric piece its a masterclass. Every little aspect of this film feels like it was tailor-made to create this painful unease throughout its entire runtime. Each and every shot in this film feels strangely unnatural, from the omniscient sterile camera movements to the distorted lighting and color. Plus you can never get your footing within a scene, with moments that last for an uncomfortably long amount of time or abruptly end in the middle. All of this may sound negative, but for the incredibly specific feeling Ari Aster is going for its just perfect. This is also a horror film presented in a way thats kind of rare. Even horror that is more psychological usually falls back on the occasional scare every now and then, even the director's previous film had this. But Midsommar is just one extended tension builder that never ends, only giving its audience the release in a cataclysmic finale. There are times where I felt it didn't justify its massive runtime but in order to truly get that sinking, sickly feeling that tension had to just keep building to the end. I feel like I'll get even more on rewatch, just like how it all came together for me when I rewatched Hereditary but..... that might be a while.

As a side note, I was kind of surprised this was supposedly a hard R rating. Like, a part of me wants to know what they cut out that would have made it NC-17 but the other part of me is just fine living my life without that information.

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