Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ★½

Where to even begin with this. I'd say story since that's been the main thing on everyone's mind. Can't begin to unravel how goddamn convoluted this thing gets, millions of characters showing up and having to rush whatever arc they were supposed to get while pretty major characters have little to none. But the major characters that do have a semblance of an arc come so inorganically and out of left field I barely even registered the shift that occurred. And the less said about some of the fanservice and retcons the better. But for most people that's where the issues end, but not for me. It's strange that this feels like it was so loose in the editing process because JJ Abrams made a really tight edit with The Force Awakens but maybe the story had something to do with that. Somehow its overly hyperactive, noisy action fest and an absolute bore all at once. I feel like the over-saturated, cluttered cinematography filled with so much flashing lights made me completely check out of the third act, because there were some pretty major plot points that presented that it took me a while to even process and when I did it was usually a "What, why would they do that?" So this isn't even a case of just a bad script bogging down the film, its overall a mess. But the script really is the worst offender. Its funny to think that the middle chapter of this series was a much more thematically fulfilling conclusion than this film was, but I guess it really be like that sometimes huh. Like, even now the whole thing is just fading from my memory.

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