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  • Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

    Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

    HoopTober 7-0- film 17

    The Blair Witch Project was a true phenomenon. A masterpiece of viral marketing, it achieved so much with so little; some handicams, some trees, atmosphere, suggestion and ambiguity making for a genuinely terrifying experience. And it made a shit ton of money and kickstarted the whole found footage sub-genre (which has now been done to death). But it was a lightning in a bottle moment, something that can’t be inorganically replicated on a studio production line. Hence…

  • Schramm



    HoopTober 7-0- film 16

    Another from the Jorg Buttgereit back catalogue, Schramm is another “inside the mind of the serial killer” film, of which there have been plenty. I found being inside the mind of this serial killer quite dull. Between the foreskin-hammering and the murdering of bible bashers, not a lot happens. Some ponderous shot choices, some poncey talk; not very exciting or interesting. I wasn’t shocked, I wasn’t engrossed; I just wanted it to be over. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer it ain’t. Made me nostalgic for The House that Jack Built, and I hated that movie.

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  • Jingle All the Way

    Jingle All the Way


    Arnold Schwarzanegger's bad parenting made Jake Lloyd grow up to be Darth Vader

  • Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory

    Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory


    The first film ever made and exhibited to a paying audience, the historical importance of The Lumiere Brother's Employees Leaving the Lumiere Factory cannot be overstated. If we didn't have this film, then we wouldn't have Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! Actually, fuck the Lumiere Brothers! No I don't mean that. Thank you boys.