The Predator ★★

A Predator movie being directed by one of his first cinematic victims is a fun idea, and I usually love Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, what a film), but The Predator is probably the worst film of the series thus far (not counting the Alien crossovers). Stories of production troubles (reshoots, re-edits, etc) were rife and it shows in the finished product. It feels like a compromised, bastardised, uneven film. There’s very little of Black’s trademark snappy writing, a lot of the jokes fall flat and the camaraderie between the actors is missing. And the less said about poor Jacob Tremblay’s “autistic” character the better. The biggest crime of the film though is that it’s boring, despite constant “stuff” happening I just didn’t care. Shit CGI predators too. A disappointing film.

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