Burning ★★★★

A slow-burning mystery with a gorgeous cinematographic approach to the multi-layered storytelling. Lee Chang-dong's Burning requires patience and commitment, as its nature lies in the richly detailed, but cautiously composed atmosphere that forms the backdrop for the psychological issues of the story.

Ultimately, however, the ending rewards those with the patience to commit themselves to these characters. With a satisfying and complex payoff, Burning is sure to mark its relevance as a multi-dimensional genre piece that works on multiple levels. Steven Yeun delivers a fascinating supporting performance that promises a lot of hidden talent within him as an actor.

The thing I loved the most about Burning was the way twilight was captured in the cinematography. Some of those shots really made me regret not having seen this in a theater when it came out. I actually even had the chance to see it at my local cinema at the beginning of this year, but had to cancel due to work. Really happy to finally have caught up with it on Amazon Prime now.

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