John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum ★★★★½

What an amazing film. My favorite out of the three John Wick films so far, and a showcase of how to execute a third film in a series in the best way possible.

Everything is taken up a notch: the action is even sharper, the directing stronger, the stunts more stunning, the story more profound, the editing even more captivating. Absolutely loved the soundtrack and the score. I was also shocked by the quality of Dan Laustsen's cinematography; he managed to infuse this with some seriously amazing shots. Some of the long takes had my jaw at the floor. Maybe I'm just easily stunned, but for me personally, this is one of the best action movies I have ever seen. This has EVERYTHING I could possibly long for in an action film.

Also, I seriously loved some of the performances. Reeves is at his strongest, even though his acting is defined by the physical aspects surrounding it rather than his line delivery or anything else. However, the meatier side stories go to a bunch of amazing actors. Ian McShane could never be disappointing to me, but in here, I loved every single second he was on the screen. Laurence Fishburne had some golden moments which will surely go down as iconic. Anjelica Huston is infuriatingly wonderful and makes me wonder why she isn't cast in roles like this more frequently; she is such a good actress. I was also reminded that Halle Berry is still a great heroine; her action stunts were amazing.

Perhaps I'm a little blindsided by how much I loved this, but this was intense and just all-around really great.

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